I precisely remember the moment I found out about Corey Arnold’s photography. I was looking through the BLINK Magazine I had work featured in, and when I got to Arnold’s interview and images at the end, I was stunned. I think I immediately went to my computer to find his website and see more. I made two posts about his work then (before I started writing much or at all in posts) and when I heard about his recent solo exhibition at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art in Portland, Oregon, I was reminded of his incredible photography.

Visiting Arnold’s site now, every image in each gallery is sublime; so crisp, perfectly lit, smartly composed, and with rich colors. Arnold has a remarkable eye and seems to always capture the perfect moment. Of his breathtaking landscapes; dramatic frames of crashing waves taken while working on fishing boats; beautiful, funny portraits of humans and animals, the word “epic” comes to mind. Again, I really couldn’t choose a favorite series, so below are a few images included in Arnold’s exhibition, Wildlife, and various others that I couldn’t stop looking at.

Visit artist's site: coreyfishes.com