I like a lot about these photos. They break the “crazy cat lady” stereotype (and why are old ladies always “grandmas?”). They challenge that weird precept we have from the time we are children that cats are (and are for) girls and dogs are (and are for) boys. I think cats are more difficult to pose, or at least to command for a photograph, yet these cats are still and engaged with the camera, portrayed as sentient, funny, and regal. As in Josh Bryant’s series of people with their canine companions, the animal is a possession of pride, a friend that offers confidence and comfort.

And since I keep thinking about it while looking at the pictures–what is the explanation for the inherent humor in images of cats, or people with cats, or men (with facial hair) with cats? Cat culture of the 21st century is fascinating.

Visit artist's site: davidswilliamsphotography.com

Found via: iGNANT