Jessica Roux is a talented illustrator who aims to depict the beauty, sadness, and harmony of the natural world. When I first saw Roux’s work, I was instantly drawn to her bold but subdued use of color, fine line work, and animal and dead animal subject matter dealt with in a sensitive manner. There’s something earthy and natural about the style of the illustrations themselves. I love their look of having been tea-stained, having spent time in the dirt.

From the artist’s statement: In my work, environmental elements are rhythmically shaped with a delicate attention to detail. Growing up in North Carolina, I was exposed to a fantastic woodland environment. I often watched flora and fauna flourish in my own backyard. This experience of raw natural beauty greatly influences my work today. When I work, I connect with the world and study the subtleties of nature. I hope to impart this onto the viewer, as I am attempting to explore the human relationship to the past and to the earth by frequently referencing my own closeness to my history and my own experiences outdoors… Because I am deeply connected to nature, my subject matter tends to be about flora and fauna and the human connection to it.

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