I was instantly drawn to Amy Guidry’s surreal, dreamlike paintings as soon as I saw them. I thought of Josh Keyes, a favorite painter of mine, and Salvador Dali, and I thought of the overwhelming theme the work communicates to me, which is disconnection. Each painting, with high definition and incredible attention to detail (particularly light), is a landscape of disparate elements; some even look like collage upon first glance. As a whole, Guidry’s series In Our Veins illustrates the connections, or lack thereof, amongst living things and the natural world.

From the artist’s statement: The premise of my series “In Our Veins” is to explore the connections between all life forms and the cycle of life. Through a psychological, and sometimes visceral, approach, this series investigates our relationships to each other and to the natural world, as well as our role in the life cycle. Concepts such as life and death, survival and exploitation, and the interdependence and destruction of living and nonliving organisms are illustrated throughout. Using imagery derived from dreams and free association, “In Our Veins” demonstrates these ideas in a surreal, psychologically-charged narrative.

Visit artist's site: amyguidry.com