In theaters today is An Art That Nature Makes, a documentary about the photographer and artist Rosamond Purcell. I’ve admired Purcell’s work for many years, likening her art to Rauschenberg’s, but gentler and feminine, “lovely” (all in a positive way). Purcell’s sensitivity and curiosity are evident in her photographs; I’ve always loved the way those qualities about her come through in her images.

I was thrilled to come across a trailer for An Art That Nature Makes fairly recently. The documentary explores Purcell’s “fascination with the natural world – from a mastodon tooth to a hydrocephalic skull – offering insight into her unique way of recontextualizing objects both ordinary and strange into sometimes disturbing but always breathtaking imagery.” An Art That Nature Makes is being screened August 10-16 at Film Forum in New York City (additional screenings can be found here). I can’t wait to see the film and learn more about Purcell and her process. She seems like a person I’d love to know.

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