Richard Learoyd’s work has been eluding me for years.  Three years ago (nearly to the day, oddly), the fantastic Andrew Bruce sent me an email with a giant list of artists he recommended I look at, and Richard Learoyd was the first name listed.  A Google search will yield the artist’s one-page contact information site and others featuring solely his, albeit gorgeous, collection of portraits. In fact, I did happen to see one of Learoyd’s beautiful portraits in person at the About Face: Contemporary Portraiture exhibition at the Nelson-Atkins this fall (made by camera obscura as, I believe, all his images are), and I momentarily forgave the artist for his lack of web presence due to the grandness of his exhibited photograph.  Around that time, on my Tumblr dashboard appeared a photoset of these lovely dead animal images, and for now I’m accepting that this is all I’m gonna get.  I’ll happily settle for these incredible images.

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Source: Tumblr