I’ve mentioned Arne Svenson’s work before, in relationship to Elise Noguera Lopez‘s pictures of guinea pigs and chickens. His series, Strays, is comprised of images of kittens photographed in a way that denies the viewer the opportunity to see their faces. “The heads are turned so far to the background so as to totally disengage the subject from the viewer. In many cases, the head is turned far enough so as to appear as though there is no face to the kitten as if it had slipped off, to be replaced by the blankness of fur.” The result is off-putting and humorous. Always against a blanket or fabric backdrop with varying levels of garishness, either the kitten is an amorphous shape or, with no face for the viewer to relate to, its posture becomes the sole indicator of its mood and temperament. Svenson manages to capture the kitten lacking its typical cuteness factor. Quite a feat.

Visit artist's site: arnesvenson.com