With her photography, Spanish artist Claudia Amuedo seeks to create nostalgic, dreamlike scenes. Vignette effects and cool tones add a melancholic feel to what could otherwise be construed as scenes from a fairy tale. The female subjects, with their braids and schoolgirl clothes, interact with animals in a manner that calls to mind the story of Snow White. The women depicted exist not in the bright, saturated world of Disney princess films, but in a dark atmosphere with a slightly disturbing aura – the animals are either dead or taxidermy, after all.

I always enjoy seeing this type of work, in the same vein as the art of Laura Makabresku, Dara Scully, and Juliette Bates. I love thinking about the narratives of the women in the pictures, who could be the airy, gentle characters we know from fairy tales, or just as easily the cunning, predatory villains instead.

Visit artist's site: claudiaamuedo.tumblr.com